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Bearing clearance, operating clearance and preload

Bearing clearance and operating clearance, isn’t that the same thing? And preload, I’ve heard that before, but what is that supposed to be?! How do I calculate all these values and what criteria are important when choosing the right operating clearance? Perhaps you are confronted with such questions – you will find the answers and […]

Fit selection

Interference fit, transition fit, clearance fit. You should know and be able to define these three types of fit after reading this article. But before that, it is useful to understand what fitting is and what you have to consider. Why is the choice of fit important? It is wise to select a fit before […]


Nothing works without lubrication: Every bearing runs with grease or oil lubrication, which is the basic prerequisite for avoiding metallic contact of the bearing components, (rolling elements, bearing rings and cage). In special cases, bearings can also be lubricated with a solid lubricant. Along with friction and wear, lubrication belongs to the field of Tribology. […]

Lifetime calculation

Damn, bearing damage! If you consider that rolling bearings are exposed to continuous pressure and shear stress, this is nothing unusual to begin with. What is more significant is the time of the bearing failure. For dimensioning a bearing position, and so that the bearing failure does not come as a surprise or can be […]

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