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Basics and areas of application

What is a rolling bearing? Would you like to learn more about rolling bearings? Then you’ve come to the right place. But let’s start with a short explanation: A rolling bearing is a machine component that is used in various applications. Through the rolling bearing, a movable connection of two components (shaft and housing) can […]

Materials and manufacturing

Materials and manufacturing Have you already had a look at our chapter on structure and function? Maybe you asked yourself what rolling bearings are actually made of. You can find some answers to these questions and further background information on rolling bearing production here. Materials: Rolling elements and bearing rings In most cases, both the […]

Point and line contact

What is meant by “point and line contact”? You may have already heard that rolling bearings can be split into two types. The classification depends on the shape of the rolling elements (balls or rollers/needles), so that a basic distinction is made between ball and roller bearings. The main difference between the two designs lies […]

History of rolling bearings

The origins of rolling bearings Did you know that the precursors of rolling bearings already played an important role very early on? For example, at around 2500BC, heavy loads were already transported from A to B on skids in ancient Egypt. Later, rollers were placed between the transport surface and the skids. With this strategy, […]

Structure and function

Components of rolling bearings The basics of rolling bearing technology include the structure and function of rolling bearings. To get you started slowly, you will learn everything about the essential components before we explain how they are arranged and function within the rolling bearing. Letʹs go! In total, there are four main components: Rolling bearings […]

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