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Bearing housings

We have learned about standard bearing units which are only suitable for bearings with a spherical outer surface. As a rule, these bearing units cannot accommodate rolling bearings with a cylindrical outer ring surface. Bearing housings, on the other hand, are equipped with cylindrical bearing seating surfaces and can accommodate standard rolling bearings of various […]

The needle roller bearing

Characteristics of needle bearings The needle roller bearing did not get its name by chance, because its rolling elements are – surprise – characterised by a needle shape! The rolling elements are also guided parallel to the axis, as needle roller bearings are a special type of cylindrical roller bearing. You are almost guaranteed to […]

Rolling bearing types overview

If you have read our article on rolling bearing basics, you probably already know that rolling bearings can basically be divided into two types – ball bearings and roller bearings. Ball bearing Ball bearings are generally characterised by the fact that their rolling elements have the shape of a ball and contact the bearing raceway […]

Bearing units

Characteristics of bearing inserts The bearing insert, which in principle is constructed like a deep groove ball bearing, has a spherical outer ring surface. The seat in the housing, on the other hand, is a spherical recess and enables the bearing insert to be held securely without the need for further fastening elements. This configuration […]

The tapered roller bearing

Characteristics of tapered roller bearings Here you see an NTN tapered roller bearing. As the name suggests, tapered roller bearings are roller bearings, whereby the term tapered is inspired by the shape of the rollers. Tapered roller bearings are used, among other things, in construction or agricultural machinery, in vehicle construction, for example in wheel […]

The cylindrical roller bearing

Characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings Do you remember the characteristic that all roller bearings have in common? We are talking about line contact, which can also be seen in cylindrical roller bearings. These bearing types are therefore suitable for supporting very high loads, especially radial loads. For this reason, cylindrical roller bearings are typically used […]

The spherical roller bearing

Characteristics of spherical roller bearings Spherical roller bearings are real all-rounders. They are able to support heavy loads in both axial and radial directions. Spherical roller bearings are mainly used in heavy industrial machinery – for example in ship propellers, stone crushers or as main rotor bearings in wind turbines. The raceways of spherical roller […]

The angular contact ball bearing

The angular contact ball bearing is virtually the brother of the deep groove ball bearing. Characteristics of angular contact ball bearings Perhaps you already know some characteristics of the deep groove ball bearing. This will be helpful in this text, because the angular contact ball bearing is very similar to the deep groove ball bearing […]

The deep groove ball bearing

Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings In its current form, the deep groove ball bearing has existed – subject to some optimisation – for about 150 years. However, deep groove ball bearings are not only one of the oldest rolling bearing designs, but also the most common bearing type and are therefore, so to speak, […]

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