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Lifetime calculation

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1. In which units can the life expectancy of a bearing be measured?

2. Bearings of the same type have the same service life under the same operating conditions.

3. 10% of all bearings may not fulfil their stated service life in an L10h service life calculation.

4. Which of the following formulae allows you to calculate the life of a ball bearing in 106 revolutions?

5. Which of the following variables must still be calculated before the service life calculation?

6. When calculating the equivalent dynamic load P, the equivalent dynamic radial load is always calculated from the radial force and axial force.

7. Why must rolling bearings be operated with a minimum load?

8. Which factors influence the service life coefficient for the operating conditions required for the extended service life calculation?

9. What can contamination with hard particles in the lubricant lead to?

10. What level of contamination does a value eC of 0.25 describe?

11. The viscosity ratio κ describes the influence of the lubricant film formation. A low viscosity can lead to solid contact, which can cause damage.

12. What is the reference viscosity v1 of a bearing at a speed of n = 1000 min-1 and a size of Dpw = 50 mm?

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