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1. Which elements belong to the field of tribology?

2. What is not a function of lubrication?

3. Which statements are true with regard to grease and oil lubrication?

4. What are the rules of thumb for filling with grease lubricant?

5. When bearings fail, it usually has something to do with lubrication.

6. Which statements apply to oil lubrication?

7. Which greases are best suited for low temperatures and high speeds?

8. All bearings must always be regreased.

9. In which temperature range are mineral oils used?

10. In order to obtain elastohydrodynamic lubrication, one must only be careful not to use too little oil.

11. Bearings with solid lubricant are used in applications where dirt can enter the bearing and in the food industry.

12. What is the biggest limitation in the use of solid lubricant?

13. Which statements are true about the kappa value?

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