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Bearing units

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1. On which type of bearing is an insert bearing based?

2. Special knowledge and special assembly tools are required to assemble bearing units.

3. What factors influence the choice of mounting system when mounting a bearing insert on cylindrical shafts?

4. Which series of deep groove ball bearings have bearing geometry identical to  insert bearings?

5. Why is the limiting speed of bearing inserts lower than that of comparable deep groove ball bearings?

6. Insert bearings can be mounted hot or cold.

7. Which statements apply to the fastening of insert bearings with grub screws?

8. Which fixing method uses grub screws?

9. What must be considered when fastened with an eccentric collar?

10. Adapter sleeve fastening is suitable when...?

11. A locating bearing opposite a non-locating bearing can absorb forces in both radial and axial directions.

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